Floor Stripping & Waxing

Proper floor maintenance is vital for any property. We offer stripping and waxing services that can keep your floors in excellent condition for years and years. Janitorial Bay Services is a well-known family business that accommodates customers. Locals love our excellent work and customer service policies.

Floor replacement is costly. It's pretty time-consuming, too. Our floor stripping and waxing services, however, can keep thoughts of floor replacement at bay. If you're dreaming about floors that are perfectly clean, our service is the answer. Our service can come in handy for property owners who are fed up with flooring that feels and looks dirty and dull. We can make your flooring shine.

Professionalism drives our business on a daily basis. We have skilled technicians who have been stripping and waxing floors for a long time. Our team members can wow you with floor stripping and waxing techniques that are updated, current and 100 percent effective.

Janitorial Bay Services emphasizes the importance of top-quality floor stripping and waxing tools. Our technicians utilize all of the finest options in floor stripping and waxing equipment. We make a point to select equipment and products that are known for safety and dependability.

When you need peerless floor stripping and waxing services, our firm is a lifesaver. Schedule an appointment for our floor stripping and waxing work today. People love our friendly customer service.

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